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It is true that,

She is her own messiah….

That she has purged her own self,

Of plagues and despair

That threatend to take her breath away…..


It is true that,

She is her own divinity.

That she has uplifted her soul

When all belief and love

Was challenged and abused every day…..


It is true that

She is her own messiah,

And has taken the highest wave….

That most men were scared

To ride upon lest they should sway…..


It is true that

She is her own Sun,

Who has, with deliberate ease,

Hovered  through the darkest dungeon,

Dazzling it with a blinding ray…….


It is true that

She is her own reason,

To smile, love and be merry,

And has learnt it hard…..

That nothing can forever stay…..




Life has strange ways, of staring at you right in your face. Just when you’ve begun to build your castle and festoon it with flowers and shells, there comes a strong wind that ravages it all away. And it’s only you who hears it crumpling…….because castles built on sand do not make any noise when they are walked over………

So it becomes all the more important to move on, so the castle is out of sight. But there is sand everywhere…..and you need to be careful lest you be tempted to stop and stare.

There are numerous waves in the sea……that roar and beckon you forth…..mocking at you for your inactivity. Yet you stand still, unhappy, wanting to take a plunge……….

But you are in love with the little castles you have made on the way.

Castles built on sand .