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Did I tuck you in well today?

Have I told you….

That I’d hold your hand 

Forever, and never sway


Have I told you?

That I am the mast,

And the sail.

That our ship is steadfast.


Did I tuck you in well today?


When slumber crept into your room,

And dreams danced about your bed.

Did I ask the moon,

To whisk away your worst dread.


Have I told you lately?

You are beautiful and fragile.

That you have an angel…..

For every little mile.


Did I tuck you in well today?


Have I made you strong?

To the very Core

Admonished all your doubts,

And made you very sure.


Have I….

Have I…….

Loved you with all my might,

Fiercer than the wind

That blows tonight…….




Hold my hand……


She looked at him and wondered, from whence this spring?

He looked at her and his fancies took wings…

For long their worlds were deserted

Bereft of mellowed hearts

For long their hands had ached to touch….


And here they were

Wondering at this gush,

This forever bliss

An eagerness to rush…….


To sip every bit

Of all the love,

Of all the wonder

That brought them closer…..


“Just how deep is it?”, she wonders aloud,

“Stay still, and do not question”, he says

And holds his breath,

Till she smiles again at him,

And wonders,

Just from whence this spring?

That fills her soul

With aromas and scents…..


“It is your eyes

That carry the wonders of the world.

Harsh realities….

Turn into a soft glow in them.

It is how these eyes…..

Smile as they behold mine”


She knows about the eternal spring

That lives in him

And brightens her soul

Very deep within…..