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Pedalling through can be easy……..

“No mama……I cannot cycle through this stretch……It’s rough”

I am shaken from my reverie. What did she just say? She is giving up again….and phew! there’s going to be another round of nudging and pushing; coaxing and then maybe I end up yelling.

How can you not lose your cool, when you have stalled all else to be here with her?

The endless chores, a dishevelled bedroom, a heap of laundry………..

You have probably read all those articles on motherhood……..and you say…..you pray silently that the almighty gives you patience .

“Okay…let’s see”, you manage to say and just then another kid whizzes past on his bike, enjoying the rough ride…..hmmm….a tough one that!!!! All this while she follows my gaze and knows what’s next.

For a change this time I say “Okay, let me do this first.”

I hum a tune and get onto her bike while she giggles at my frame looming over it. Mothers around watch me and probably seem amused. But I have to do this…….

I cycle over the rough patch, deliberately giving the assumption that it’s not easy for me too……I stumble and then balance well enough…….there are eyes on me.

I see a million dollar smile traversing her face; on completing my round I ask her if she wants to do the same…….and she says “Yes, maybe.”

My enraged spirit is more at ease.

I set a timer for her….. this time I need not plod, plead, mutter with clenched teeth or lecture.

An easy grace has swept upon her…….and she breezes through like a colourful butterfly on the rough terrain.

My day is done…….and in a way no parenting book could ever promise.

It is my soul in the wheels as they turn around every corner.

And the moral??

Only that sometimes I will need to peddle first!!