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A chance encounter……

Upon a chance encounter,

A secret hermitage,

Astounding calm,

Despite the seething rage.


She warily looks within,

Like the subtle moon….

And stands besotted

As if in a swoon……


For inside the thatch,

She discovers another self–

Bent in prayer

A divine smile,

Cocooned in a shelf.


Is this her second being,

Long lost and forlorn….

Is this where she had been

Through trials and storms……


The hermitage was hers

And she had never known

Raging battles in the wild,

That is how she had grown.


She can sit beside the other self,

And pray a little awhile–

For tempests to surrender

And till the rainbow would smile.


Upon a chance encounter

This secret hermitage,

She would return to again

Because she now knows the way

Full well….

Among the wilds and the rain.




He couldn’t copy,

Her colors on one canvas….

So he painted the sky instead,

With shades of

Orange, blue, red and black.


She was all this

And more to him……


He couldn’t capture,

In one frame,

All her facets.

So he captured the sea instead

Calm, divine, unruly and wild.


She was all this

And more to him…

A lost child’s song………

Its late in the night

and all the blossoms have slept

I too wish to be cradled

Curled up, cosy and fed……


Its late in the night

and winds have begun to stir

I too wish to whisper

Flow free, go higher, descend lighter…..


Its late in the night

The concrete now is calm…….

Let me too be pacified

By the dark quiet balm…..


This night too will end

Like others it will give in……

Let me also surrender

To slumber and its whims……