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Did I tuck you in well today?

Have I told you….

That I’d hold your hand 

Forever, and never sway


Have I told you?

That I am the mast,

And the sail.

That our ship is steadfast.


Did I tuck you in well today?


When slumber crept into your room,

And dreams danced about your bed.

Did I ask the moon,

To whisk away your worst dread.


Have I told you lately?

You are beautiful and fragile.

That you have an angel…..

For every little mile.


Did I tuck you in well today?


Have I made you strong?

To the very Core

Admonished all your doubts,

And made you very sure.


Have I….

Have I…….

Loved you with all my might,

Fiercer than the wind

That blows tonight…….






Time and again, rummaging through the deepest sore

Yearning for tomorrow, you have destinies galore….

You strive forever, distancing from the crowd

To focus more on the fight, to uncover the shroud.


It is here, it is now;

As you witness the surmounting waves

Your one last chance remains……

Just this one ride, this exodus from the past

Astonished you will be

At how much of you sails…..


The cliff

He smiled at her and nodded,

‘Hold my hand, and walk further…..’, he plodded.

She kept quiet

All the way uphill.


Looking down at the valley,

Gave her the chill

It was here she had fallen

A few years back

Down this very hill….


She cannot talk to him anymore,

And scared as she is,

She holds his wrists tighter

‘It is now or else never’

His eyes seem to say

So they stand at the edge

Where the cliff gives way,

To death and echoed grey….


She beholds the depth, retraces the fall

‘It will always be with me

That you will stand tall

Till you learn to fly

And leave behind the fear to ever fall….’


Thus spake he,

And took a step back…..

She looked up at the skies

And could never surmise,

How, she stood there alone for long….


Watching his angelic face

That smiled and receded,

Up, up into the blue arcade….


If ever, you happen to touch the sky

And shirk within……


If ever, you happen to ride the cloud

And are told to slow down a little……

If ever, ever it so happens

That your pinnacle

Seems to draw out sniffs and giggles……


Promise, promise me

That you will be all this

And more……


Till the sky stoops down

And the clouds chariot you

Promise, promise yourself….

You……you will always be YOU.

  • Shalini



Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Why do I write?

When I started this blog in February 2014, I had no idea what this was going to be about. It was a threshold where I was on the brink of gathering verses in my mind. Poems echoed……and I had to pen them down somewhere. I was settling into my new home, doing it up and helping my nine-year old adjust in the new environment. Left to myself, I had hours to contemplate; captivating sunrises to behold and of course, words that kept juggling.

Thus this blog. No, I’m not a writer basically. And I haven’t travelled the world. Most of my thoughts take a poetic form. That comes easy to me…..to say a lot of things in an easy rhythmic flow rather than delving into a long chant of words.

So again, why blogging? Possibly I needed a forum, where I could meet like-minded people and I have come to realise that it simply does not matter in what part of the world we are in. Moreover it is an elated feeling to see your words decorated beautifully for the world to read.

It feels at home now.

It feels like you are snugly tucked in and you can stay, even when you are doing nothing and just witnessing.

I will admit there are people, family and friends, who appreciate this idea of blogging, but they do end up asking ” Why blogging…..I mean what happens when you blog”. They obviously wish to know the perks of this exercise and if I derive any monetary benefits out of it. I cannot explain the perks and I will not. Writing has always been an integral part of my life, and I have never taken it to a professional level.

What serves to satisfy your soul has to be divine. Poetry is somewhat akin to that for me. Divine.

So this blog. It is my fresh water spring in a clearing among dense trees and wild locale.It is my part of the world. It is me.