Let us, for once

be everything but Uniform….

Let us, for once,

Look into each other’s eyes

and break every norm……


I have walked in queues,

And fought in squadrons….

I have withheld all love

Looking around for patrons……


Uniform and substantial,

Full of acceptance,

I have denied all caress…..

Looking for substance.


Let me for once,

Look into your heart….

Let me not pretend,

Be  unhindered and stark.


Let me not be uniform,

Let me step out of line….

Let me look into your eyes,

Deep and sublime.





7 thoughts on “Uniform

      1. I’ve been having a hard time staying focused and finding the clarity to write. I started writing a book based around some of my posts that is a long term goal. I’m planning on going away by myself for a weekend to a quiet hotel to just write, so I hope that recharges my battery!

      2. I’ve also been through a block in my writing and have been yearning to shell into a capsule or something…..but it’s good that you are planning for a book. It would be fantastic. Best wishes always!!!

      3. They have ‘writers retreats’ here in places designed for quiet and like minded people. But really what I need is to just shut off everything except the creativity! Thank you for that. I always enjoy reading your work. The language is so beautiful! Best wishes to you as well 🙂

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