The sky or the mist…..


And does her world end

Or does it begin here?

How is she to discern,

If it is the sky

Or the mist

She hides within the urn……


So she walks on-

Careful, not to stumble.


But this time she is sure

That she full well knows her way through

The deepest of the jungle,

Through every single lure…….


Voices, loud and clear

Music from distant shores.

A something stops in the track,

Holds her eye……

Till she turns away-

There are tracks galore……..



And is this the start,

Where all else ends?

And is this the threshold,

Where angels meet fiends?


She questions rapidly…..

And continues her charms-

On all that is denied,

To her tiny palms


Maybe this cloud ;

Is the one, she can

Mount and ride.


Maybe this dewdrop;

She can touch

And bathe awhile.


Maybe this time;

The moon,

Would let her

Be the shine….


Maybe, maybe…..

This one time she could be

The finest morning light…….

2 thoughts on “The sky or the mist…..

  1. Interesting concepts-the sky or the mist. Maybe… I remember in college literature teachers used to say that maybe is a terrible word to use in writing and I never quite understood why. One word provides so much mystery. I enjoyed this poem Shalini.

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