Of concretes…..



I dreamt yesterday,

Of rubies and flowers,

Of valleys and rocks,

Of home, and unexpected showers.


And I chased the winds,

With all my might;

I ran among the blossoms

‘Twas all so right…..


It was then,

That the concrete

Slapped me hard

It was so discrete..….

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I do not know

How it stole

Into my very being

How it has come to be

Where home used to be…..


I swear I danced,

To lilting melodies,

Unawares I meandered

Amongst pastures and canopies……

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Here, amidst choking claws

And demons on roads;

I try to get some sleep.

I dare not dream

For the overbearing structure

Would hurl me down and deep….



So I thrust my dream away;

It doesn’t let me sleep…..

Labour and toil I must,

So the mirage doesn’t creep…..

I have craving mouths to feed…..


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