Day: May 5, 2016


Yesterday was one of those days when this oft- quoted saying holds true to the core,”Opportunity knocks only once”. I got this call from a sought-after school for an interview…….all out of the blue.

Here I am, languishing in self-care post the accident that left me with many bones to join back. At the very first instinct, I shirk away from the call, but don’t resign from the idea either. When you are all in shape, nothing works out; when crestfallen and laid back, something great has an uncanny way of entering into your life. This does not happen everyday.

Now, I have to be there at precisely nine a.m. and I have this renovation thing going on at home. I cannot duck into a corner and say that I am not here!

Seemingly nonchalant, I stall the wood work for a day and decide to head on face the call. I reach the school premises and wow……I love the smell. As soon as I have reported there, I am called within for a discussion followed by a demonstration which goes off pretty well. I am told to wait outside while the seniors have a talk over the demo.

Again, I am ushered into the Principal’s chamber. A few more volley of questions which I answer with an unusual ease…….like I have nothing to lose. I express frank opinions about various things while trying not to read the expressions of the other office bearers in the room. The lady, the principal, is quite a pleasing person. Her grace reflects radiantly, (wish I could tell her that). She has donned a simple cotton saree bordered in dull gold. So I I look at her only while I speak. There are places where she deliberately contradicts me while I speak. But she goes on prying further into my reading interests…..and I love to talk about it. Once she is done, she thanks me and tells that they would correspond later.


Out in the corridor, I reach for my car keys. I take a deep breath and feel proud. No one here knows that my drive to the school has been something of a herculean task as driving is not as easy as before. More so, the teacher who took my demo class nor the children in the classroom were aware how I raised my hand to reach the board and explain things to them. I loved every bit of it.


My drive back home is enthused with myriad thoughts shooting at a metor’s pace. I am re-born today, because for once I haven’t seeked for sympathy and feel strangely cleansed of all the rage and despair. I look at fellow drivers and feel thankful, blessed that I am alive, that every day in my life counts, adds up to being what I am.

Here are some meteors that have been constantly hitting inside my mind……..

  • Great things have an uncanny way of entering into your life.
  • Let everyday be a preparation towards that one role you have always wished to play.
  • Take pride in your suffering.
  • Talk less about what you have been through, instead ask others about their trials.
  • Do not hesitate in speaking about your interests.
  • Do not duck into a corner and say,”I am not here.”
  • It is perfectly okay to not know facts or to stammer. You do not become a lesser person.
  • Keep doing your thing, (it is okay to be lazy sometimes) but do not stop doing what you love, a little bit of it everyday, at any cost.

Happy meteoring!!!!!!