“Hello?”, she barely manages to whisper.

His voice, though, is crisp and firm “Hello there, How are you?….”

The pause stifles his breath.

“I’m good. Is it raining there?”, she asks…..

“No, and there?”

“It is…….heavily”

“Okay, it is windy though here”

He suddenly jerks up and opens the blinds, he sees the clouds with her eyes, while she has her ears glued to her cellphone……

“Oh, good, it will rain soon enough”, she manages to speak.

Her voice,sounds too mild, like she just swallowed a lump, he knows, he knows…….

“Yeah, maybe……so it is your birthday, any plans…..”

“Ummm…..yes, I will be going out in the evening..”

“That’s nice….Okay then, enjoy your day…..”

He is leaving, she wants to be hearing him for eternity.

“Yeah, thanks”



And it rains even more……..from his eyes……

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