All she seeks…..

Now she is astounded and perplexed beyond words. How can she smile in the face of all this? Her careless locks dance about near her eyes. She has lost her way, alone in a dark cave on a thunderous night, a drowning candle flickering by her side…..she smiles!!!!


“She knows what she is heading for,

That the thunder will cease to be,

She knows that the hills would stoop,

That the woods will sway their leaves….

To welcome her when she emerges

From her hiding….

And it is all she seeks…


She knows the thunder would lapse

Into a low rumble,

That, drenched as she is,

The winds would be as humble,

To welcome her from the abyss;

And this is just all

That she seeks……


So she smiles at the warm drops,

That her eyes begin to release…..

She has heard the breeze calling….

Her name; asking her to please,

Step out and tightly embrace

Every tree…..

That is all, she seeks…..


She knows what she is heading for,

The long road back home….

Is long and perilous,

So she plans to rest awhile…..

Till thunder has hit every blow;

Till she can cover every mile……”

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