Month: March 2016

Now and then……

Every now and then

She looks around and gasps,

At the canopy above

So dense, yet so very clear………


Every now and then

She is amazed,

To count her steps

Wavering, yet distinctly deeper…….


Every now and then

She is questioned

About her ways,

Dauntless, sharp and why no fear?


Every now and then

She takes a ride

Upon the crazy waves

Alone, ready to steer…….


Every now and then

She is told

To fear his might,

Shrivel, with a feminine demeanour……


Every now and then

She prances around,

And fiercely guards her palace,

Like a tigress, out in the clear…..


Every now and then

She marvels;

At the love that still remains

Despite the rebel, the cold sneer…….


Every now and then

She dances,

About her curves

Celebrating herself, spreading cheer……


No words this time……

Something tells me

It isn’t words this time

That agony is speechless

To see the profound abyss…….

Even if it has to be spoken

Only silence

Between us

Till you descend

Till the time I stand
face to face
with your vision
All is stalled….

Then you can hold my hand
And I can then spill out

My need
for your embrace

No words
Just an embrace………

That all is well

Perfect and divine

No more words

Till I can turn to the world

And say

that He has me

In His enfolding…….

When she began…….and now…..

She never knew what lay ahead. But there wasn’t any choice. The unwinding road kept calling. It had to be that path or else nothing. Her feet did ache but rest was a luxury she couldn’t dare to afford. For there wasn’t any shade. No roof anywhere. And that is how she made it to the tree, that lay hidden beyond yonder mirages. She had heard stories of death fires in the fiery deserts, of monsters that belie most roses she would stoop to smell.

She had seen the moon rise in all its glory, fashioned with promises of love and ardent passion. But the moon didn’t walk the road with her…….her neck strained from looking up to him everytime. So she walked alone.

She saw the morning Sun. It bent and warmly snugged her with caresses. But as the day prolonged, it assumed neutrality and heated and burnt her insides till she couldn’t stand it any more.

So she turned to the mist and fathomed its cool embrace. It kept her wrapped from dust storms and filthy heat but she couldn’t reach its core. She was scared to delve further in, for she might have lost her vision and purpose.

Blisters, tired soul and unfathomable love, she has been through it all……

Alleviated, she now almost flies, her wings a smooth blend of greys and hues.
No, she shan’t descend now, niether will she fly higher. Warm or cold, she can well discern her path, and can as well curl up the Sun in her lap.

She is her own Moon and Sun and Mist. Nothing more, nothing less……