Lone traveller…..



Blissful and enchanted,

Taking long strides.

Longing for winds

That help him discover…..

Gleeful and buoyant,

Is the lone traveller.



He has seen turbulent skies,

Angry winds,

That offered retreat….

He has seen adversities

When every moment he did suffer,

Yet he now owns the sky,

This lone traveller.


He has loved and fed,

With unbridled passion,

He has not held in chains

Any tear, any laughter;

No extremes could hold him back,

He has loved fiercely,

This lone traveller.


He is the showman,

His own spectator;

He watches his steps

And lives witin his means…..

Prodigal heart, extravagant wonderer,

He works his charm with just a smile,

This lone traveller.

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