Sometimes I just have to let things be,

Sometimes I give in to

Yonder horizon…..

Beyond which I cannot see.


It is not easy to lie still

And let destiny

Take over your will.


Certain things take time,

A lot of time…..

Which then makes me wonder;

If I have eternity

If it is all mine……


Sometimes it is a long long time;

When I reach out my hand

To touch the sky…..

My hands are small,

So I know the reason why…..



2 thoughts on “Sometimes…..

  1. Your words here are so sad. I know your situation right now is difficult and emotional. I hope on top of it all you aren’t too sad. You will get through this, and I don’t care if I have to say that every day to you to the point where you might say Robert…be quiet! But you will. Keep going, never stop moving.

    1. No Robert, I’m not stopping anywhere. It is just that some moments are a little more vulnerable than the others. I spoke to my daughter last night on the phone and was a little swept away. There are angels to guard her. I will keep on moving. Thanks for the uplifting words.

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