Day: December 2, 2015


Sometimes I just have to let things be,

Sometimes I give in to

Yonder horizon…..

Beyond which I cannot see.


It is not easy to lie still

And let destiny

Take over your will.


Certain things take time,

A lot of time…..

Which then makes me wonder;

If I have eternity

If it is all mine……


Sometimes it is a long long time;

When I reach out my hand

To touch the sky…..

My hands are small,

So I know the reason why…..




I have seen in your eyes

The softest glow ever;

The smile that resides

in the corner …….


I look at you

And I look away

I cannot hold

What you give away……


Your warmth resides

Within every beat

Your every touch

Lingers on for days…..


I have tried to pull away

But that is only

As long as you do not

Look my way……


You have been deeper

And have known

The remotest recesses

That I own…..


I have ached to touch

your hands

To pull them closer

To my bosom…..


Tell me if

I ever went to heaven

Would you kiss me

Just the same?