Month: December 2015

Blue and Red…..

Blue in your eyes,
When the skies are red..

The breeze too,
A certain shade azure….

Waters deep, blue and green,
Here, in this hour
Your colorful soul,
Just at hand, not very far…..

I sip each moment,
Like a cherished drink;
And savour the taste
Like a forlorn wave….
That doesn’t want to sink.

Here, under the blue blue skies
Your outline I see

And I know I exist,

Deep blue you

And intense red me.



She trudges along, as if blindfolded by the moon.  No, it is not dark. But she cannot discern anything except the light that covers her petite form. She has only this road to traverse. As she takes in every bit of the light deep within her bosom, she wonders if she will ever come back here. Consumed with passion, she has not counted the miles………do they even matter?

Questions on my plate…


This have I fathomed,

After measuring out spoonfuls of life,

That every paradigm shift,

Every little strife-

-Puts up shameless questions…..

That hollow-eyed stare

As if to gobble up the night…..


When wonders cease to be

And they become obsolete,

When the light at dusk,

Sighs downward in rejection…….

When every singing flower,

Fails to have an audience;

When the river flows on and on,

Meandering aimlessly;

When unanswered questions,

Like left-overs in the plate,

Scared to confront…..

Lay hidden in the dark.


This have I fathomed,

That questions do not carry answers;

They are clouds

On a dark, dark sky……

That descend upon me,

When thunder has struck a blow……

They thaw and run down,

Wash away all creases…..


Till new seeds I sow.


Her Quest……

Soulful rythms,

When the path broke up ahead

She said she knew the way……

How it bent, where it led…..


Hums and drones,

When she steps upon one,

She says she has the light……

If there is no Sun.


Whispers grow loud,

When she starts to run,

She would not look at them,

Till she is done.


Deafening silence,

This abyss is rare……

And oh! It is a tunnel;

But it will end somewhere.


Lazy yawns,

All seems at rest……

She struggles to barely walk

Is this all about her quest?


Blaring trumpets,

She knew this path well enough,

A few more runs,

And it wouldn’t be so tough.



Lone traveller…..



Blissful and enchanted,

Taking long strides.

Longing for winds

That help him discover…..

Gleeful and buoyant,

Is the lone traveller.



He has seen turbulent skies,

Angry winds,

That offered retreat….

He has seen adversities

When every moment he did suffer,

Yet he now owns the sky,

This lone traveller.


He has loved and fed,

With unbridled passion,

He has not held in chains

Any tear, any laughter;

No extremes could hold him back,

He has loved fiercely,

This lone traveller.


He is the showman,

His own spectator;

He watches his steps

And lives witin his means…..

Prodigal heart, extravagant wonderer,

He works his charm with just a smile,

This lone traveller.

It’s a promise……



I shall be your angel

When danger threatens,

I shall be your heart beat

When the forest thickens,

I shall be the brightest star

To light up the darkest night,

I shall be your cozy bed

When the world seems cold,

I will be the shelter

When the deadliest tempest strikes……

My darling,

I promise this today

I can be through hell and back,

Whatever the world may say.


I wouldn’t turn the tide for you,

Right beside you….

Is where I would stay.


Has He held her?



To dance in the vale beyond,

She had to climb mountains;

To race alongside the west wind,

She had to race in rough terrains…..


They told her it would be an easy ascent,

That He would watch her over;

That if She left it all to Him,

He would certainly help her discover……


She climbs, anyway,

Not knowing where He is,

She runs fast, the path is near,

Not knowing where the end is…….


Has He held her all this while?

Is it just her whim?

She will find her answers soon enough,

When the lights are not so dim…..