Not a retreat…….

It is sometimes very difficult to say anything. The magnanimity of destiny and events that unfold in the course of life, the questions, leave you numb. It takes one second for life to either run faster than its normal pace or to stop and become stagnant. You then have a choice to make; whether to wait patiently to see what is next or to strive endlessly, everyday, to make the best of what you have.


“Do not let me take a retreat

And go back again,

I have nurtured every breath;

and wished every wish.

I have been as far as the horizon

Beyond my vision.


Do not let me take a retreat

From being fancied by the moon,

That grows every night;

The stars that carry so many secrets.

I have been as far as the stretch of the sky

Beyond my beliefs.


No, I will not take a retreat

It is a full circle

Where I start again;

Let go of old dreams

Harness and cherish new ones

And get drenched in the rain.”


5 thoughts on “Not a retreat…….

  1. Beautiful poetry!

    Rob pointed me to your blog and I’m so glad he did; I’m now following you. Also, I would like to invite you to join our FB blogging group. We are a nice bunch, always willing to offer feedback, advice, and support. I do hope you’ll join us; we’ll make you feel welcome and at home.

    I look forward to visiting you regularly!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Thanks Carol, cannot tell how overwhelmed I feel right now.The world seems more at home.Thank You so much for following my blog. I will look up the group you have mentioned.
      Thanks for the warmth.It means a lot.

      1. I am always willing to lend my ear or shoulder to anyone who needs it. I think it’s important to be there for those who need love and support during a difficult time. Feel free to reach out whenever you like.

        Hope to see you in the group; I know our members would love to read your lovely poetry!

        Take care and keep in touch.


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