Day: November 25, 2015


Here is a soundtrack that enters the soul’s realm as I heal, day by day, second by second.



The healing has begun, of the lungs as well as that of the mind. No blames and no regrets. The outpour of concern and care leaves me stooped and bent low, I could never give back what comes to me in manifold ways.

Give me a dream

In these eyes,

Smudged with kohl

As you ascend higher,

My sleepy birdie………


Give me wings

And let my fancy fly

Give me your flight

And guide my ascent high


I have oft wondered

About the light

That shines through your being

Is it the wonder

Above the clouds that you have seen?


Give me the light,

That beckons thee forth

Enthuse me with wonders

Lest I rest and recoil within.


Give me a dream,

That I can live,

A birdhouse maybe…..

Tell me,

Would you let me in?