I cannot title this one…..

It’s been long…….very long, since words have even touched the periphery of my mind. I have been through a devastating road accident about ten days back. Having been into the pain, I see suffering on the faces of people around me, which is much more than the pain my damaged ribs give me. I have a dislocated left shoulder and fractured ribs that have damaged my lungs to some extent. The night of the accident still traumatizes me and thus this late night writing.

I am coming out of it…….and I know this because I can now write about it. Nights of endless pain; fear that if I close my eyes I could even die rattles my very being, but I am alive, very much alive, can breathe albeit in  a little laboured fashion, I feel blessed. It is only today that I feel so. When I think of the hapless situation in which I was when i was thrown out of my car, and groaned endlessly lying at the mercy of any help that could come by, I feel blessed.

I cannot write more, my back pains…….an excruciating pain, that does not let me sleep. Yet, I feel blessed that in a few months I shall be fine. I wish to say a lot, about the dark hole I have been into; it still engulfs me, yet, today I am elevated, not from the physical pain, but from the distress my soul has been into……….


“It is not my doing

And I stand away……

Some petals went astray

And the leaves took their own way,

I cannot resurrect.


It is not my doing

So I stand away

And wait for new buds to sprout

For tiny leaflets to fill the boughs,

I shall wait quietly

Till spring comes again.”







3 thoughts on “I cannot title this one…..

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. I had one myself years ago and though I was lucky to walk away from it mostly physically unhurt, the emotion of it is still upsetting to me, years later. Your accident sounds terrible. Please be well and as the days go by and you gain more strength please keep us updated if you can. And due to time differences, if you need someone to talk with in (your) middle of the night, please feel free to contact me (links are all on my about page). I sometimes lose track of fellow bloggers because I follow a lot of them. I’m so sorry I lost track of you and wish you nothing but the best going forward.

    1. Thanks Robert, was a little apprehensive about sharing this, but then I thought why make such a big deal out of it, and whilst I can share, I must be doing that. This makes the pain lesser. These wishes mean a lot, it is only today I came online and have mustered the strength to talk about it all. I will update, but mostly when my spirits allow and this overwhelming gratitude of being alive is at its peak.Thanks again for your wishes.

      1. I think I can understand those feelings. It is extremely emotional and just typing that a few moments ago I felt very tense, very upset. Right now you need to focus on the physical which gets better, day by day, week by week. You will get through this and I’m glad you shared. So many of us who blog have stories to tell-pain and struggles we go through. We all support one another though so we are all pulling for you

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