Day: November 24, 2015

I cannot title this one…..

It’s been long…….very long, since words have even touched the periphery of my mind. I have been through a devastating road accident about ten days back. Having been into the pain, I see suffering on the faces of people around me, which is much more than the pain my damaged ribs give me. I have a dislocated left shoulder and fractured ribs that have damaged my lungs to some extent. The night of the accident still traumatizes me and thus this late night writing.

I am coming out of it…….and I know this because I can now write about it. Nights of endless pain; fear that if I close my eyes I could even die rattles my very being, but I am alive, very much alive, can breathe albeit in  a little laboured fashion, I feel blessed. It is only today that I feel so. When I think of the hapless situation in which I was when i was thrown out of my car, and groaned endlessly lying at the mercy of any help that could come by, I feel blessed.

I cannot write more, my back pains…….an excruciating pain, that does not let me sleep. Yet, I feel blessed that in a few months I shall be fine. I wish to say a lot, about the dark hole I have been into; it still engulfs me, yet, today I am elevated, not from the physical pain, but from the distress my soul has been into……….


“It is not my doing

And I stand away……

Some petals went astray

And the leaves took their own way,

I cannot resurrect.


It is not my doing

So I stand away

And wait for new buds to sprout

For tiny leaflets to fill the boughs,

I shall wait quietly

Till spring comes again.”