All in a day…..


Today, she cannot make out, whether to bask in the warmth of the soft, warm glow of the morning rays or to dance with the chastened flakes. She has both at her disposal. Had she so ardently wished for both? Certainly, there is something wrong with the universe. All in a day? For her?


May I touch the ice?

And yet smile at the Sun?

May I sing and be wild,

And dance around

Like the graceful one.


May I lay bare-

My soul……

And yet may I conceal?

What matters to me most

What no balm can heal.

May I rest in shade

And be rapt in wonder?

While the world runs amok

Amongst lightning and thunder.


May I just glance for a while?

Till I brace myself

To run wild.

May I stop wherever I want?

Whenever I decide.


May I, among this Eden,

Call upon the bards?

Who  sing of tears and mirth;

And speak to them

Of places, men and this earth.


May I live my wildest dream?

Here, among the Sun and Snow,

And ask them to stay awhile

Till I let my fears go……



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