Day: November 4, 2015

Why woman?


Why Woman, this storm?

When all is falling in place

Where have you been to?

Which forest, at what pace?


Why, the kohl- lined eyes

Are smudged with fire?

And sometimes the words you utter

Seem to char the world;

From whence the ire?


Why woman, this storm

Whatever happened to your

Slow rhythmic ways?

Where have you been to?

Were there wild animals….

Demons, who messed with you…..


You, a slight flower,

That blossomed with an amorous ease;

Have sojourned so far,


-By tempests and the wild seas.


Stand by your inner self,

Your power intimidates.

Even the most tyrannous hurricane

At your command;




Why woman, this storm,

You can slow down

And rest in shade.

Blossom again with a fierce softness….

Be the perfect blend;

Lead the charade.