As simple as that……

In so many ways, while we are still alive, can we express compassion and gratitude, in all totality, and with comprehensive submission. Life has strange ways of revealing its magnanimity when you thought so little of it. Each one of us is a bundle of memories, events, accidents, smiles, tears, relationships……

We all come with our own baggage. No one is empty-handed. We have all seen the best and the worst ; trials and tribulations have wrought us down; we all crave for love and honest care.

Every moment we realise this is going to end.

The effort is to grab as much of this as years slip by. Some do it consciously, while the others, in oblivion, everyday lust for adventure and push their boundaries, expanding the realm of the self.

When I first read “Christmas Carol” years back, I was never able to justify the fetters around Jacob Marley. Why would a person be doomed for not travelling among people and for not being generous enough? Was that such big a crime?

Now, as an adult I do understand. Life is about travel, being with fellow human beings, spreading love and compassion.

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