Day: October 27, 2015




Let only the best things remain

There is tears, hurt and pain;

You feel the dust before the rain…..

There is concrete among the blossoms

There’s always a clearing in the dense forest;

There is always a light

Beyond the seemingly unending cave…….

Hands you had once held,

That warm cuddle……

Eyes that pampered-

The eternal drizzle……

Just when you think

The end is far away;

Right around the corner….

Stands all dismay.

The end is here

And you see it approving

Of how things have been;

How stealthily it had been approaching…….

The content lies not in denial,

Winnowing brings the clarity-

That certain memories never die;

They are hopes in all depravity.

Yes, let only the best things remain…..

There is tears, hurt and pain.

You felt the dust,

But sang again in the rain.

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What I know………

I know now,

What I own and possess.

Concretes are not under my will

Niether are people;

I know that I belong

Only to myself;

And that rest is all deceit.

I know , but it pains to think

That the only soul that matters

Is mine……..

I wasn’t made that way;

It is what I have become.

The clouds and rainbows,

Birds chirping and the birdhouses……

‘Twas all meant to be shared with someone……

I was content

With just one more soul

Other than mine…….

But I guess concretes housed it

Better than I could define……

So, now I know

That my soul is only mine

And every raindrop that touches the earth;

Need not feel divine.