You can go…..

Its lonely here

without you

with a beautiful morning to behold

I wish it was you beside

when i’m coursing through my thoughts……

I say to myself

I could tell you this

Or I could tell you that

But I’ve pushed you away

And I hope to be on my own soon…..

It’s just hard to believe

At the end of every day…..

That it’s me

Only me

And not you

to hold me

But your passion was already thin air

When I changed course

Please know

I did not want

To see

How distanced your eyes were

From me….

I could think of no way out

Than letting you know

That to hear your “hello”

Puts me through a world of pain.

I am beyond all hurt now

But there are memories

And a vaccum

where you had been…..

You will never know

Which of your smiles i’ve treasured

And which touch i’ve lived

All through our sojourn…….

I have let you go…..

And you walked away with grace,

Its vaccum again where you had been

I too will be walking out….

Maybe at a slower pace……

But for now….


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