Those eyes…..

Does it have to be love every time

I look into those eyes……

Is sublimity a pre-requisite?

To an everlasting relationship.

No, the stars do not always gleam

And flicker in those eyes,

Sometimes it doesn’t matter…..

If every gesture is a disguise….

No, everytime I do not find an echo

Of unspoken promises…..

Sometimes even the hand I extend,

Seems to dangle in the crevices.

Sometimes the abyss looms large

And nights seem very long……

It isn’t the eyes I look into then;

I look for your song…….

You sing to me

Carefree melodies, endless banter….

And the abyss recedes,

It is then I wonder……

The road that leads to your eyes

Often takes me by surprise……

Sometimes it isn’t just love

It is my entire life…….

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