Day: September 16, 2015

Of dreams and fire……..




I plucked a dream

From rows of them.

There were many…..

In all the mayhem.


Hastily, I shelved it

In my bosom

For fear it became known

And till

I could have more vision….


I wondered if anyone

Had glanced at it before,

Nonetheless, I nurtured it

Forever more…….


Every night the tide rose

And I rummaged through the  shelves

It sank deeper and deeper

Deep where darkness delves…..


Till now demure,

Layers within…….

It refused to die,

And kept burning…….


Now the moon peeps,

Through sifting layers,

Beckons it forth…….

Promising pacifiers…….


But it rages and blazes

Only it will not give up,

It need not be shelved anymore,

Its fire consumes every hook up


The interstices are done away with

Now nothing lies in between;

Tornadoes have been lesser

And even hurricanes have not seen…..


The shrouds have burst

And the layers have dissolved.

The dream picked upon a flower,

Bosomed for long;

Has now drifted far.