“I have the sun in my enfolding”
Said the smallest lily to the sunflower….
“Oh how can it be, how can it be…….”, retorted the wrathful king….

“See how it peeps from behind the clouds
You will never know;
Shallowed by your pride
You will never know……

How he has warmed and brightened me up;
Yesterday he whispered in my ear,
That he loved my tiny frame.

He lifted me from the abyss
And helped me bloom like this……
His rays touch my heart
Everyday, so lovingly
And when he sets beyond the horizon
I feel a bit lonely…….

But when i close my eyes
And the night falls
He comes in my dreams
And all darkness he stalls
He leads me into the daylight
And i truly believe in his might……

See, he still winks at me
Beyond yonder clouds
I would like to believe, dear sunflower
That he reaches out to me…..”

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