Day: July 30, 2015


Life has strange ways, of staring at you right in your face. Just when you’ve begun to build your castle and festoon it with flowers and shells, there comes a strong wind that ravages it all away. And it’s only you who hears it crumpling…….because castles built on sand do not make any noise when they are walked over………

So it becomes all the more important to move on, so the castle is out of sight. But there is sand everywhere…..and you need to be careful lest you be tempted to stop and stare.

There are numerous waves in the sea……that roar and beckon you forth…..mocking at you for your inactivity. Yet you stand still, unhappy, wanting to take a plunge……….

But you are in love with the little castles you have made on the way.

Castles built on sand .


Sometimes, it is easy to breathe, fly and feel accepted. These are days when being alone doesn’t matter. Today, of all days, I feel free, liberated from some shackles, I do not know which ones. I keep disturbing thoughts away, do not feel at all intimidated by the world as it whizzes past me at its moronic pace. Today is different.

No, today I do not wait for any acknowlwdgement. I gracefully transcend my boundaries, I expand in ways I cannot explain.

Today I am just me. No one else.



“Its been many sunsets

Its been many dawns

Eternities stretched and

Endless morns…….

A vision you transpired

A thought that inspired

Many dreams that lay

Lazily cushioned………

You treasured it all

And whilst you tread

You rise and fall…

And overcome each dread….

And when you ask the sky

You want to know the reasons why…….

So many dreams went astray

While silence is all that comes your way……

Every dawn a promise holds

Every sunset a secret unfolds

Clutching yourself tightly in a warm embrace……

You aver that its time to face……

To gather all the broken dreams……

To venture into the wildest realms…..

To harness every wild desire

To set every rising wave to fire…….”


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