Song of the heart

Right now slumber clouds my thoughts,

Rest I would, only sleep deludes;

The shroud refuses to bulge

I cannot feign it here……

I wish i was ignorant-

Of so many things,

And would know……..

How to move on.

I wish…… I could ;

Put myself ahead,

And keep ticking…..

With an even tread.

It isn’t that I cannot combat

The darkness that engulfs……

I can threaten the skies

And bid waterfalls cease;

But just this one time

When slumber deceives

I let down every guard…….

And I wish to let you know

You have mothered me

And fed me love

Unconditional and Unfathomable…….

Desires……there aren’t any more…..

Is it this?

The way the world goes…..

So little of what we need!

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