With increasing responsibilities and unending efforts to give and to be your best in all you do; certain revelations leave you spell bounded in the midst of a hectic day……….

The more I look around…..and the closer I analyse people’s lives….I feel there is nothing in the world as gratifying as having siblings to fall back upon. A wave of gratitude sweeps over and I can’t thank enough……any amount of giving back would fall short against the gifts our parents gave us.

Quite often we complain…….that there isn’t time to communicate; yet the “how-are-you” echoes in the heart in the middle of a busy day. Days and months pass………yet even a very long interlude cannot take away the comfort felt on hearing…”how are you doing these days?”

Then there are so many memories to fall back upon………..the pranks, purposely tearing off the posters on…

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