My birdie…..


Wherein you draw

So much grace,

Restless for more

In this endless maze……..

Everyday you depart

From my threshold

To perch atop heights unknown……

You have no fear

Unbiased, you bring cheer

To my heart

And every heart that comprehends……

You chirp and sing;

and when eve falls….

To my birdhouse you descend;

We speak in similar tones

You and I

You speak of love

And so do I……..

Undaunted, you have been

To far off lands,

Hills and seas

Yet you declare not the wisdom

Garnered in your heart

O! where on earth could I find solace

If not for your chirping

I couldn’t trace

A single joy to behold……

Chirp away to your delight

Peck into the woods with all your might

Purge the air with your bedlam

Pour love into hearts;

Compassion in every man……….

Our souls are one

We fly in unison……

Unhindered is our flight…..

In my dreams

You enter my being;

To steal my thoughts,

To whisper of realms,

Of untold histories

Of unrequited love ……

I know it now,

When I hear you chirping

Telling to the Sun

My secrets, dear bird

I’m listening……..

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