“Its been many sunsets

Its been many dawns

Eternities stretched and

Endless morns…….

A vision you transpired

A thought that inspired

Many dreams that lay

Lazily cushioned………

You treasured it all

And whilst you tread

You rise and fall…

And overcome each dread….

And when you ask the sky

You want to know the reasons why…….

So many dreams went astray

While silence is all that comes your way……

Every dawn a promise holds

Every sunset a secret unfolds

Clutching yourself tightly in a warm embrace……

You aver that its time to face……

To gather all the broken dreams……

To venture into the wildest realms…..

To harness every wild desire

To set every rising wave to fire…….”


3 thoughts on “LET ME RISE…

  1. Nice poem! But judging ur first poem and ur last two, you have come a long long way and its incredible to see(no disrespect to any, its just what I observed) . Enjoyed ur work. Please keep writing. Good luck 🙂

    1. First, humbled, thanks for analysing and appreciating my writing.
      Second, no, this is not disrespect at all.
      Am earnestly glad you liked them.:-)

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